We grow together.

What we do:

Whyworks provides a unique toolset to promote thoughtful discussion and reflection on candidate-fit for role and company at the critical early stages of hiring. Our insights enable friction-free recruitment, employee engagement and succession by uncovering what both the candidate and company need to mutually succeed.

Our Vision:

To better align candidate and company success by providing unique tools for discovering aptitude and emerging organizational goals.

Our Mission:

To provide a full accounting of candidate and company expectations – ensuring smoother initial hiring experiences and meaningful long-term collaboration. We increase the efficiency of organizations leading to overall higher profit.

Why this matters:

Aligning candidate / company aptitude and ambition means friction-free onboarding and the best chance for achieving both the individual’s and company’s ultimate aims.

Our Values:

We Dig Deep – We’re led by our natural curiosity to seek deeper understanding. Our technology leverages data to uncover meaningful insights. Our consultative process uses researched methods to debias the traditional hiring and succession experience.

We Are Intentional in our Actions – We use the insights we gather to make informed and ethical decisions. We treat candidates and leaders as unique individuals. Every single match or connection we make matters.

We practice authenticity – We help people discover their true selves by respecting differences, understanding without judgement, and celebrating individuality. There is no ‘pass or fail’.

We are industry innovators – We lead with new and innovative ideas that are backed by research and driven by our genuine desire to help others.