These are some of the services we provide:

  • Whyworks provides tailored management courses and “friction free” employee engagement processes that improve your hiring and retention.
    • Job Descriptions and Role Expectation charts
    • Onboarding plans
    • Employee Engagement surveys
    • Succession Plans
    • Debias your hiring and succession processes
Friction Free Employee Engagement
  • Whyworks performs several assessment services:
    • Kolbe A™ Index – For individuals to determine if they have natural energies for different management activities
    • PRINT®Assessments – To highlight roots causes of our behaviours in the workplace
    • Lectica®Assessments and LectaTests™ – Used to diagnose the specific learning needs of an individual. Employees and employers alike learn faster and better with the knowledge brought to them throught this assessment
    • Lectical Recruitment – Assesses the mental skills of candidates. These are the single best predictors of workplace performance
  • Whyworks presents Friction Free Leadership Workshops that present Kolbe A™ Index and PRINT® Assessments.
    • Self- and Other-awareness and communication workshop customized to your organization’s needs

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Our approach is to clarify expectations, document attitudes, behaviours and outcomes and right-fit people into your organizations roles.