Clarifying Expectations – Part 1

Turnover Throws Money and People Away

By Dona Baker, Whyworks

Have you ever used a turnover calculator to figure out the real cost of someone leaving your organization? It’s staggering. No matter why an employee exits.

Even the lowest paying positions cost thousands of dollars for their replacements. It can cost 10 times as much if the employee was in an executive role.

Hundreds of billions of dollars are walking out of North American work places every year.

On top of that are the losses of livelihood and the serious harm to the confidence, self-esteem and career advancement of the people who are out of a job.

It’s clear, there’s a crisis situation. But what can do we do about it?

Wouldn’t it be great to know which people are more likely to work out before we hire them? Or, to know why an existing, valued employee is disengaged and then be able to intervene before they get fired or leave?

If you manage people, you know that employee turnover is complex. There isn’t a single, certain reason or solution for it.

What is certain is that being clear about what you want someone to do raises the odds of finding and keeping the person willing and able to do that job.

Being clear about the job, can also point to qualified people inside an organization who are eager to take on that work.

Just how clear do we have to be? Very, very clear. At least, much clearer than what we are right now.

Being clear means that you are thoroughly explaining the main focus, attitudes and behaviours needed to do the job properly and as expected.

Stay tuned for Being Clear About Role Expectations

Dona Baker, Head of People Development and Co-Founder

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