Top Talent and Star Employees

All People are Perfect … for Something By Dona Baker, Whyworks Using labels such as “top talent” and “star employee” is harmful to employees. It is also harmful to organizations. Simply stated, there is no defined or realistic way to measure ‘top talent’, or a ‘star employee.’ Progress, at work, or in life, is not… Continue reading Top Talent and Star Employees

Clarifying Expectations – Part 2

Do You Want To Be a Tree Planter? Being Clear About Role Expectations – Part II By Dona Baker, Whyworks In Part I of this two-part series, I wrote that we really need to be clear when explaining the roles in our organization. Most importantly by describing the main focus of the job and what… Continue reading Clarifying Expectations – Part 2

Clarifying Expectations – Part 1

Turnover Throws Money and People Away By Dona Baker, Whyworks Have you ever used a turnover calculator to figure out the real cost of someone leaving your organization? It’s staggering. No matter why an employee exits. Even the lowest paying positions cost thousands of dollars for their replacements. It can cost 10 times as much… Continue reading Clarifying Expectations – Part 1