About Whyworks!

For employers and candidates looking to fulfill a role, Whyworks! provides meaningful connections because believe that when the right role connects with the right person, you can reach untapped potential.

Improve Employee Retention and Reduce Costs

We can help improve all aspects of employees’ experience while aligning with your strategic and legal requirements.

We provide strategic HR consulting

From people management and employee engagement to organizational culture and leadership and employee training, we have you covered.

Our approach supports the employee experience lifecycle

From brand and culture to recruitment, and onboarding to development, retentention and exit, Whyworks! helps you cross the t’s and dot the i’s.

Our Leadership

Dona Baker is a founding partner.

Founding partner

Dona is one of the company’s management consultants and head of People and Product Development. She has been an adult educator and facilitator for more than 20 years practicing in Human Resources and interpersonal development for most of her working career. She has written two books, “The Friction-Free Entrepreneur: How to Partner with Others Who Can Do The Stuff You Can’t” and co-authored “Are You Built to Build?”

Dona is a certified consultant in the Kolbe A™ and related Indexes, PRINT®, Lectica® and CliftonStrengths® assessments and a Certified Talent Management Consultant.

Lisa Zeppatzauer is a founding partner.
Lisa Zeppetzauer

Founding partner

Lisa is one of the company’s management consultants, President, and head of sales. She holds an International Business degree and worked for Swiss and Austrian companies in contract and business development.

Lisa is a certified consultant in the Kolbe A™ and related Indexes and PRINT® assessments.

Jeff Polovick is a founding partner.
Jeff Polovick

Founding partner

Jeff is one of the company’s management consultants. He has more than 45 year’s experience running his own businesses and being a board member for other organizations and companies. He is also an author, having written the book “Why Can’t We?” about his experiences building a multi-million-dollar national automotive company.

Jeff is a certified consultant in the Kolbe A™ and related Indexes and PRINT® assessments.

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